On the evening of May 31, 2017, a song came to me at around midnight and I decided to record the music and vocals that very night. Little did I know it would be the start of this album. I have always wanted to record my own album but could never find the right time or frame of mind to do so. This year, however, I needed to find some distraction so I began recording and engineering at my home in Sherman Oaks, California. Between life, work, family time and everything else that life brings, the album has taken me about five months to complete. It’s called “Burning the Letter” – a ritual for moving on and healing in life. I hope you enjoy it for what it is … a record of an event. The album is available free of charge, but please feel free to make a donation if you wish.

Grazie, Paolo


All instruments played by Paolo Serafini, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Drums engineered by Nicolas Farmakalidis at Neilaproductions, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Photography by Cary Cremidas, Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles U.S.A.

Graphic design and drawing by Evan McEneaney, Los Angeles, U.S.A

Logo design by John Conlon, Malmö, Sweden.

Mixed, mastered and additional strings on track 6 and 7 by Chris van Niekerk, Berlin, Germany

I would like to thank Chris van Niekerk for mixing/mastering the album and believing in this project, Maria Grazia Zoppis for your endless support, Fabio Serafini for helping me soundproof my closet, Jason Everly for lending me your amazing acoustic guitar, Steve Lyon for your wise counsel on all things music and studio recording, Jakob Nebel and Dave Marks for your advice on guitar/bass sounds, Noah Schwartz for helping me with the website, Tom Fronza for suggesting which interface to use, Cary Cremidas, Evan McEneaney and John Conlon for your artistic vision.

Much love to Brit Nanna, Dan Szymczak, Jakob Sinn, Allan Auld, Zsuzsanna Racz, Maria Jones, Michelle Numanovic, Jonathan Karas, Dan Wolter, Ileana Imazio, Alberto Magnaghi, Gwen Hansen, Hanna Fischer, Greg Christophersen, Gen Risner, Ryan Sickler, Roswitha Heise-Blank, Jeremy Scott Glenn, Elise Ledsinger, Christoph Rothschädl, Alessia Valesi, Liz Janneman, Gianluca Pizzorno, Pia Spagnolini, Gaudenzina Pagani, Antonio Pelizza, (the Proksch, Serafini, Taylor, Zoppis/Peraro, Bellotti/Pelizzi and Maile families), all musicians and bands I have had the pleasure of playing with, and all my friends and fans who have supported me.

A special thank you to Chris Fader and Lorenzo Mazzè for your support and help on this project.

This album is dedicated to the memory of my father Piergiovanni Serafini and my cousin Alessandra Pelizzi as well as two girls whom I love unconditionally, Isabella and Olivia Serafini.

ALK-as you wish…